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UNIT 1Hello everybody! *Verb to be (am/is/are)* Possesive adjetives(my, your, his, her,...) * Countries* Using a bilingual dicionary* Everyday objects, plural nouns
UNIT 2Meeting people * Verb to be (Questions and negatives)* Negatives and short answers* Possessive´s * The family* opposite adjectives* Food and drink
UNIT 3The world of work *Present simple* Questions and negatives * Verbs* Jobs
UNIT 4Take it easy! * Present Simple (2) * Verbs* Leisure activities
UNIT 5Where do you live ? * There is/are* How many...?* Prepositions of place* Some and any* this, that, these, those *Rooms* Things in the house* What´s in your bag* Places
UNIT 6Can you speak English ? * can/can´t* was/were* could* was born * Countries and languages* Verbs* Words that sound the same
UNIT 7Then and now * Past simple I* Regular verbs* Irregular verbs* Time expressions * Verbs (earn, act, study)* Verbs (get, leave, become)* Words that go together (drive a car, ralway station,..)
UNIT 8A date to remember * Past simple 2* negatives-ago* Time expressions * Relationships (fall in love, get engaged,...)* Spelling and silent letters* Phonetic symbols
UNIT 9Food you like * count and uncount nouns* I like... ? I´d like...?* a and some* much and many * Food and drink
UNIT 10Bigger and better ! * Comparatives and superlatives* have got * City and country adjectives (dirty, noisy, safe,...)* city and country words (wood, museum,...)
UNIT 11Looking good ! * Present Continuous* whose is it?* Possessive pronouns * Clothes* Describing people* Words that rhyme* Phonetic symbols* tongue twisters
UNIT 12Life´s an adventure ! * going to* Infinitive of purpose * Verbs* the weather* what´s the weather like?
UNIT 13Storytime * Question forms* Adjetives and adverbs * Describing feelings* At the chemist´s
UNIT 14Have you ever? * Present Perfect- ever and never- yet and just- present perfect and past simple * Past participles* At the airport