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UNIT 1It´s a wonderful world! * Auxiliary verbs* Naming the tenses* Questions and negatives* Short answers * Social expressions : Never mind, Take care! ,....* What´s in the world?
UNIT 2Get happy! * Present tenses- Present simple, Present continuous, simple or continuous, present passive * Numbers and dates (money, fractions, decimals porcentages, dates, phone numbers,...)* Sport and leisure
UNIT 3Telling tales * Past tenses- Past simple and Continuous, Past simple and Past Perfect, past Passive * giving opinions (what did you think of..., It was really boring!, I fell asleep during the first act)* Art and literature, collocations
UNIT 4Doing the right thing * Modal verbs – obligation and permission- Have (got) to, can, be allowed to, should, must * Requests and offers Could you...? Would you...? Can I...? I´ll .... Shall I ...?
UNIT 5On the move * Future forms- going to and will, Present Continuous * Travelling around* Using public transport* Request in a hotel
UNIT 6I just love it ! * questions with like* Verb patterns * Signs and sounds
UNIT 7The world of work * Present Perfect (present perfect versus Past simple)* Present Perfect passive * On the phone (Can I take a message?, Would you like to hold?)
UNIT 8Just imagine ! * Conditionals (First Conditional, Second Conditional)* Time clauses * Making suggestions (Let´s go shopping!, why don´t you ask your parents?
UNIT 9Relationships * Modal verbs – probability (must, could, might, can´t / must have, could have, might have, can´t have) * agreeing and disagreeing (So do I!, neither do I!)
UNIT 10Obsessions * Present Perfect Continuous- Present Perfect Simple versus continuous, Questions and answers, time expressions * Expressing quantity
UNIT 11Tell me about it ! * Indirect questions (I wonder if you could help me)* Question tags (I´ve got a meeting this afternoon, haven´t I) * Informal English(What do you say we break for lunch? , What´s up)
UNIT 12Life´s great events ! * Reported speech - Reported statements- Reported questions- Reported requests/commands * Saying sorryI´m sorry!, excuse me!