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CIIL is NEWLINK provincial delegate.

NEWLINK is an organization founded in 1997 Educational services, with extensive experience in the...

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As consultants specializing in language programs, we are aware that it is crucial to study a language where it is spoken in the country of origin and do it with true professionals specialize in teaching foreigners. We offer our clients according to their personal profile and / or needs, a complete consultation so that you can select the most appropriate course.


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  • Group classes, with 8 students maximum, grouped depending on your knowledge level.
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Sobre la academia

The center teaches CIIL quality language for quality people since 2002, the year in which it was founded. Improve your skills day by day thanks to the innovative capacity of its team, necessary flexibility for the students to improve their skills in languages with the objetives to improve at work and to improve at the university or school. The CIIL are here in order to be useful to students, to let them get their academic achievement. Its founder Leo Beloved degree in Spanish, French and English Philology, has a clear objective to transmit knowledge that could serve others and that they could retransmit, promote intellectual curiosity and well in an infinite chain. Today hundreds of students worldwide have participated in our courses in El Puerto de Santa María successfully.

The academy has a qualified and experienced faculty with which we develop some classes with a wide range of academic activities. This will allow students to achieve proper communication and language learning naturally through the fusion of theoretical and practical training.

We have an extensive training materials, manuals composed of the best publishers, national newspapers, magazines, audiovisual material, extensive library, computers and free wifi, all at student's disposal to enhance their learning.

Puerto CIIL is an organization that provides excellent language classes at all levels. And for that, we teach not only language but we give an overview of what the world is, their culture, customs, festivals, etc.. These classes are taught only after 6 years.

El Puerto de Santa María, the city where the school is located, is situated in the center of the Bay of Cádiz known for its wonderful beaches and 300 days of sunshine a year. This site offers a wide range of water sports and outdoor conference and many social events. Well connected to the cities that surround it, makes it the geographical and nerve center of the Bay of Cadiz, an excellent place to study and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

If you want to know more about El Puerto de Santa María city, feel free to visit their official website: